Providing privacy, financial rewards, search choice, and quality results to those who want to end the search monopoly and take back the web. You will earn cryptocurrency for each search you would have normally done anyway.

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If you use the Sign-up or Learn More links on this page you will be eligible for a signup bonus (25 PRE crypto tokens) not available on the normal site signup process. PRE tokens are powered by Ethereum blockchain technology.

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Some Facts

In 2017 raised over USD $20 million in funding to bootstrap the development and launch of its search engine ecosystem. Today it ranks among the top blockchain applications by user count and has a market cap well over $100 million.

Presearch is continuing to grow the user base and enhance the search ecosystem. Presearch is using a publicly tradable cryptocurrency, PRE, to reward users and contributors; an example is the offer provided on this page. Cryptocurrency marketplaces such as KuCoin, CoinEx, and Uniswap support PRE.

Unlike the large search engines, e.g. Google, that are well known to track and store an extensive amount of user related information, Presearch is focused on an open, decentralized, transparent, and private search engine ecosystem that offers users a competitive alternative.

Third Party Review Video

The numbers for user counts and rewards have changed a bit since this video was recorded but the general concepts and his observations are still relevant. Presearch has also added new functionality such as aspects of a proprietary search engine and the roll-out of additional contributor community server nodes. Click here to download the latest version of the comprehensive white paper he mentions.

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